miércoles, septiembre 09, 2009

I'm not against marriage

Many people might think I'm against marriage, then let me clarify that this is not so.

That is just a misunderstanding, I am in favor of having a rich life beyond the one we share with our partners.

Many women build their lives around a relationship and when it ends, their lives are absolutely empty. I AM AGAINST THAT.

It is important to love yourself, have a strong self-esteem, not assessed according to the scale of the boyfriend, husband or potential love, but to know, accept and love yourself.

That's not free, it requires an introspective work, to reflect, to change the critique look to ourselves and turn it to the wonderful things in each one of us.

What if I find nothing great inside me? Ah, then it's time to work strengthening all of the aspects that I'm interested in emphasize: being generous, taking initiative, starting new activities, pursueing individual forgotten dreams, and - why not? - also worry about the most banal: change hair look, nail polish, going to the gym, in short, spoil yourself a little.
Romantic relationships are a part of the life of a woman and NOT THE FOCUS of it.

Many may say that I'm exaggerating, but according to my experience, women have a genetic predisposition to be culpable and cling to romantic love as if there's nothing more important in life, which often is reinforced by the fear that the society will tag them as "lonely women" (divorced, spinster, and other similar epithets).

All that is harmful to personal development and eventually leads to a crisis of huge proportions triggered by any major event like the arrival of bithday number forty or a divorce or the kids leaving home (emply nest), and so on.

Moreover, if you ask me if I am concerned about the issue of being married or not, I honestly answer that I do not care. Not because I am against marriage and I swear that I'll never ever marry. But because marriage is not the main issue in my life, like having a good health, an interesting professional career or a loving and caring family.

I hope that everything is clear. Now is the time to work on ourselves!

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